where you can find mallows

as of November, 2013, you can find mallows in the following locations:

Whole Foods Market’s flagship store in Seattle, located on the corner of Denny and Westlake (click to view map)

We’re also at the wonderful West Seattle Thriftway

Poggi Bonsi at Renton landing!

Ruffles & Rust Square in historic Snohomish!

Purple Haze Lavender Farm’s store in downtown Sequim!

If you’re in southern Washington or Oregon, you can find us at New Seasons Markets!

We’ll be back at the inimitable Fremont Sunday Market again on February 2nd, 2014, where you’ll be able to find us every Sunday, rain or shine (except for the weekend of the Fremont Fair) – our booth is directly across from the Smoothie Shop! Stop by…we’d love to meet you in person and, if you’re still skeptical, invite you to try samples of a wide variety of our mallows!


as strange as it may seem to address it in the context of shipping, we think it’s important that we share our philosophy here:

all of our mallows are handmade for your order. 
we believe that quality is more important than speed.

when it comes to our creations, we don’t simply keep them on hand, losing freshness every day until you get the oldest batch sent to you at the time of your order.  considering that you’re here, preparing to order mallows rather than picking up a bag of the dessicated chemicals they call marshmallows at your local grocery store suggests that you may share our philosophy.  so, we ask that you be just a little bit patient with us.

generally, we’ll make your mallows within four business days* of your order being placed and ship them out to you one business day* later.

domestic orders

we have two ways to ship domestic orders:

  • for orders of at least $20 USD, shipping is a flat $5 USD and FREE for orders of $50 USD or greater when using USPS priority mail
  • UPS costs are calculated in real time

if you’re in the seattle area, we have another option available: you can meet up with us at the fremont sunday market and pick up your order there.  we’ll have it ready and waiting for you…plus, we’d love to meet you!  please note that our pickup option is only available monday through thursday at 8pm (so we have time to make your mallows before market day) and requires you to pay when you place your order.  thanks for understanding.

international orders 

to our friends in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom: we have added shipping to these countries after receiving a number of enquiries about our mallows!  although the shipping is more expensive  and takes more time (6-10 business days* for USPS, variable for UPS) than domestic, we hope that you’ll still give us a chance!

elsewhere in the world, but interested in trying mallows?  contact us – we’ll see what we can work out!

* business days, for the purposes of creating and shipping mallows, do not include weekends and U.S. holidays

About Us

it all really started with an offhand comment and a birthday.

one evening, as her birthday approached, “mrs. mallow” lamented that she wished she could enjoy a chocolate dipped marshmallow.  nothing fancy, just a simple marshmallow covered in chocolate…the sort of thing that’s usually available only during the winter holiday season.

well, “mr. mallow” saw an opportunity to do something a little special and unique for her birthday, so he plotted, he schemed, and he concocted (he’s always been equal parts mad scientist and baking fanatic), developing the recipe for mallows just in time for her birthday.

the first bite was really all it took.  they literally turned and looked at each other, eyes wide, with the realization that what they had was as different from store bought marshmallows as an aged, marbled steak is from a lukewarm frozen dinner.

mallow took shape as a concept over the rest of the year as they experimented constantly on different recipes and formulations to make them not only delicious, but also to rid them of any artificial ingredients.  fortunately, seattle has an abundance of willing, eager, and talented taste buds, and mallow is very, very grateful to all of the people  who volunteered their palates and gave feedback during the testing.  by the end of the year, over twenty varieties had been perfected, with many more in the works, and they felt ready to introduce the world to mallows.

so, as you’re enjoying the treats we’ve made for you, remember that not only are mallows made with love, they were created for it, as well.  the real moral of our story is: do something nice for your partner tonight…you never know where it may lead you!